Alan Manly's Book One One Five (now known as When There is Too Many Lawyers.. There Is No Justice)

Article Title: A case of deception by numbers
Published Date: 04/02/2012

Dickens, Balzac, you name it. The classics are littered with stories of evil revenge. The obsessive
foe that won’t go away is also a well-worn Hollywood theme. From the two movie takes on Cape
Fear – first starring a menacing Robert Mitchum and the second a psychotic Robert de Niro – to
the yuppie-tailored Pacific Heights, they play on the terror we have of an unhinged opponent bent
on revenge.

In their book One One Five, first-time authors Alan Manly, Julian Day and Graeme Brosnan trace
a terrifying story of a South African-born charlatan who falsely invoiced their stony broke,
fledgling software users’ association for $115,000, was prosecuted, and then pursued them in the
courts for 11 years.