Founder - Alan Manly


Alan is a founding Director and Chief Executive Officer of GCA group of companies. CEO and Chair of UBSS.

As Chief Executive Officer he is responsible for the corporate planning and governance of the group which has as it flagship the Universal Business School Sydney, an independent Higher Education Provider that provides a Business Degree, an Accounting Degree and a Masters of Business Administration.

Alan is a published author, company director and entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in the technology and education industries. He has twenty years of experience as a Company Director with private, public and NFP companies.

He has been active in representing the education industry and is a former Board member of two education industry peak bodies.

Prior to a career in education Alan had a career in the ICT industry working for a multinational corporation and later third party vendors. He established a start-up software company and a computer college that expanded and morphed into the GCA Group of Companies.

He is the published author of an autobiography that details a ten year legal battle where he represented himself from the local court in North Sydney to final victory in the High Court of Australia: “When There Are Too Many Lawyers - There Is No Justice.” He later released his second book titled "The Unlikely Entrepreneur". For book reviews and media interviews go to

Alan has presented on ‘entrepreneurship and the education industry’ from the view point of a company director and entrepreneur.

Alan is a Justice of the Peace, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (IML).