This is the unlikely, but true story of a man who had none of the qualities considered necessary for an entrepereneur - no eccentric IT genius - nor money-market marvel - nor the innovator/creator of a new market. Instead, Alan was a hard-working obsessive-compulsive armed only with a ninth-grade education and some rat cunning whose parents' dream was for him to work as a postman.

In this funny, unforgettable and compelling account, he tells the tale of his most unlikely journey - made every mistake - fell into every trap - bought every scam - distracted by the usual suspects: squabbles over money, relationships in ruins, and pursued to the point of financial calamity and personal insanity by a vexatious litigant for ten years. It was only when Alan started ignoring conventional wisdom, and breaking the rules of business, that everything turned around for him.

This is a hands-on white-knuckle ride into that rarest of destinations - the unvarnished truth. If you ever dreamed of creating a business empire from scratch, or wanted to learn something about the world of business, then you must read this extraordinary story.

The Unlikely Entrepreneur

ISBN : 978-0-646-96653-3

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