Alan Manly's book One One Five (Now known as When There Are Too Many Lawyers.. There Is No Justice...) reviewed by Jonar Nader

You’ve heard people ask questions like, ‘Where were you when… JFK was assassinated, or when…
Princess Diana was killed.’ When I hear such questions, I wonder who really remembers such things.
Oddly enough, I vividly remember the very minute (and the location) of the incident that sparked the
saga that is now chronicled in a book called, One One Five by Alan Manly, Julian Day, and Graeme
Brosnan. Not only do I remember it…

I was there, in the eye of the storm, on that cursed day when Julian Day and I were walking into the Hilton Hotel and down came THE man. The man who would put Alan and Julian through hell. I felt bad vibes at the time.