Alan Manly Managing Director (Group Colleges Australia GCA) Featured in Business Review Australia
Published Date: 16/10/2014
Article Title: 5 Tips To Help Protect Your Business From Fraud

If you had to spend a week in a court or a casino, which do you think would do your business more harm? The answer is both, because both houses win in the end. The ultimate goal for a small business operator is to make money for your enterprise – and not the legal profession.

There’s no foolproof way of protecting yourself from sharks and charlatans, but getting things down in writing is a good start and an even better deterrent. In 2002, my business partners and I made the fatal mistake of not doing all the paperwork and asserting our rights when we entered into a deal with a consultant. Had we done so, the crook would have run a mile.

After ten years of pure hell soldiering through the Australian courts, I can’t stress enough the importance of clear written agreements.