"Extremely well written, a gem. Must be mandatory reading for all not for profit directors."



Bill Galvin O.A.M.

Chief Executive of Tourism Training Australia

"115 is a rollicking read and your experience as a 'defendant' is certainly borne out by my own researches. I have however stuck closely to only researching dead declared Vexatious Litigants especially those declared before the 1970s. There ...is certainly a film there as there is with some of my own case studies. If only i could get the ABC interested!"



Dr Simon Smith

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow (Law Society and Ethics 5125)

Author of "Maverick Litigants"

“I really enjoyed 115. Thank you. Should you be looking for funds for the movie, do count me in! This will be up there with "The Castle". Congratulations on your tenacity and winning out at the end. And for a great book.” 



Christopher Campbell

Chairman and Managing Director

Academies Australasia 

"It's the best Australian legal story since "The Castle" and I couldn't put it down. If you ever had a suspicion that our legal system may be broken, the two underdogs in ONE ONE FIVE will open your eyes to the reality of a self serving ecosystem. But there's another subtle level. This is the story of two logical computer guys taking on the might of an unwieldy legal supremacy."





Edward Mandla

Alt-U Asia Pacific Search

“While I was enjoying reading “Steve Jobs," I put it aside to complete 115.”

Dennis Furini

CEO, Australian Computer Society (1997-2007)

“A disturbing case study of the impact of vexatious litigants who are favoured by our legal system whose main business (as Dickens said) is business.”

Professor Tom Valentine